Thursday, January 5, 2017

Cherry Berry

Today, I'm not fit to go to work, due to Cherry Berry ( cirit-birit ). :'( I wished I am healthier and happier this year, but as early as 5th January 2017, I had my 1st M.C.

Last night, I went to the loo for 12 times. Panat!. Couldn't sleep... couldn't fart. Why?. Takut tercirit dalam seluar. Huhu :'( So, I was so sleepy and so weak this morning. 

I don't think I would consume the medicines. Hehe. I believe in the natural healing by my body. A bit slow...but without the consumption of any drug. ( Don't ever mention about this to my mum. Haha. I'm sure she's turning 'green' ). 

Guess that's all for now. Need to nap and rest as advised by the doctor. Zzzzz.... :-)

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